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Silicone Baby Feeding Pacifier with Teething Ring – Apple Green – Safety and Comfort

Silicone Baby Feeding Pacifier with Teething Ring – Apple Green – Safety and Comfort

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Discover the Dibidibidi baby feeding pacifier in apple green, an ideal solution for introducing solid foods to your infant. Designed with a soft silicone food pouch with small 2mm holes, it allows your baby to taste, suck and chew safely. Perfect for fruits, vegetables, meat, fish or even frozen bits of breast milk, this baby feeding pacifier ensures a safe introduction to new foods, whilst providing an apple green silicone teether to soothe gums from your baby.

Product Details

  • Material : 100% food grade silicone
  • BPA free : All components are BPA free and non-toxic
  • Dimensions : Suitable for babies from 6 to 24 months
  • Color : Apple green, bringing a touch of freshness and cheerfulness
  • Food pouch : Small 2 mm holes for easily digestible pieces
  • Silicone teether : Designed to massage gums and relieve teething pain
  • Guaranteed tightness : Integrated sealing ring for airtight sealing

Safety and Comfort

The Dibidibidi feeding pacifier is specially designed to provide safe and comfortable feeding for your baby. Its food-grade silicone design ensures that each component is gentle on your child's delicate mouth. Without small parts, this food pacifier eliminates any risk of choking, allowing your baby to discover new tastes in complete safety.

Practical Design

Our Dibidibidi feeding pacifier features an apple green silicone teether with raised ridges, perfect for massaging your baby's teeth and gums. This feature helps ease the discomfort associated with teething, making this feeding pacifier not only useful for mealtimes but also beneficial for your child's oral well-being.

Ease of Maintenance

The Dibidibidi feeding pacifier is easy to disassemble for complete cleaning. All parts are boil-proof, ensuring impeccable hygiene with each use. Simply disassemble the parts and wash by hand with mild soap or in the dishwasher for optimal cleanliness. Check the condition of the product regularly and replace it if it shows signs of damage. For your child's safety, always supervise them when using this product.

Exceptional Durability

Made from high quality silicone, our feeding pacifier is built to last. Its robustness and tear resistance make it an economical choice for parents, ensuring prolonged use without the need for frequent replacement.


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  • Delivery times : 1 to 2 working days. Please note that certain external factors may extend these deadlines.

With the Dibidibidi feeding pacifier, ensure worry-free meals for your baby, combining safety, comfort and practicality. Give him the best nutritional start with a product designed to be both functional and safe. Order now and find out how to make your baby's meals easier and more enjoyable.

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