About us


Welcome to La Boutique Dibidibidi, where innovation and quality meet to redefine kitchen standards. Our adventure began in 2023, in Quebec, driven by a common dream: to revolutionize kitchen accessories with products that are practical, cute and aesthetic.

The store was born from our desire to harmonize our professional life and our family life. As a married couple, we wanted to create a business that would allow us to spend more time together while pursuing a shared passion. This harmony of life is reflected in the attention and care that we bring to each stage of the design and marketing of our products.

Our common aspiration is to create kitchen items and baby products that stand out for their durability, functionality and attractive design. Our silicone items are perfect for everyday use, meeting the needs of modern parents and cooking enthusiasts.

At Dibidibidi, we believe that every day is an opportunity to grow and create something exceptional. This philosophy guides and inspires us to constantly innovate, push the boundaries of quality and exceed our customers' expectations. Our ambition is to make Dibidibidi a trusted and world-renowned brand, radiating well beyond the borders of Quebec. We invite you to immerse yourself in our world, where each product is a promise of sustainability. With our silicone items, we not only offer you top quality products, but also real added value to your daily life. Together, let's create the unforgettable! ♥️