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Silicone Spoon Holder - Spatula, Spoon Rest

Silicone Spoon Holder - Spatula, Spoon Rest

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Discover our incredible Red Lobster in Food Grade Silicone - Your ultimate ally in the kitchen!

❤️ A Fun Companion: Dear cooking enthusiasts, at Dibidibidi, we are proud to present our latest culinary gem: the Red Silicone Lobster. This clever accessory hangs proudly around the edge of your cauldron, ready to make your time in the kitchen more practical and fun than ever.

❤️ Food Safety Guaranteed: Imagine this cute and caring red lobster, holding your precious wooden spoons or favorite ladles in its claws, ready to help you mix, stir, and prepare your favorite dishes. Made with food grade silicone, our lobster is completely BPA free, ensuring the safety of your diet and your family.

❤️ 2 in 1: Versatility and Durability: That's not all! Our lobster is versatile. It can also hold a half-open lid to prevent spillovers, allowing you to control cooking to perfection. After use, simply put it in the dishwasher to restore its splendor. Plus, it's heat resistant, it won't melt, and it's built to last. It will not only bring practicality, but also joy to your kitchen. You can be sure that it will not go unnoticed in your culinary space.

❤️ Modular Tongs: The lobster is a versatile ally with its modular claws. Adjust them easily for a custom fit. The tongs can twist, allowing the spoon to drip directly into the pot. Unrivaled flexibility for a culinary experience tailored to your needs.

❤️ Non-Slip Surface and Ease of Use: Its non-slip surface and ease of use make it an invaluable companion for all budding chefs, devoted grandmothers, and anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. Looking for a special gift? Look no further, it is the ideal present for all special occasions.

❤️ Commitment to Excellence: Remember, at Dibidibidi we specialize in high quality silicone kitchenware, and our Red Lobster is no exception. It embodies our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. So, don’t let this opportunity slip through your (or rather his!) clutches. Get our food grade silicone lobster now and transform your cooking experience like never before.

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