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Complete Baby Feeding Set (10 Pieces) - Sky Blue

Complete Baby Feeding Set (10 Pieces) - Sky Blue

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❤️ Safety, Versatility and Easy Care: The Dibidibidi silicone baby feeding set is suitable for children 6 months and older. It has been made from soft food grade silicone which has no impact on taste. Non-toxic, BPA free and environmentally friendly. Heat resistant up to 240°C. Cleaning the set is very easy and it can also go in the dishwasher. The bowl and plate are also microwave safe.

❤️ Stability and Comfort: The strong suction cups, below the bowl and plate, remain stable on smooth, clean surfaces to prevent slipping or turning over. It is ideal for flat surfaces and high chairs. The baby tableware set is very sturdy for toddlers. With a raised lip on the bowl that helps mom feed her baby with one hand. There is an adjustable bib with four holes, comfortable for your child's neck.

❤️ Reliability and Oral Well-being: Unlike other brands, our feeding pacifier is designed with a built-in sealing ring which makes it difficult for the baby to open. Made without small parts to prevent choking. The feeding pacifier is made of 100% food grade silicone and is safe for baby to chew. The raised ridges on the deer ears can massage your baby's teeth and gums and thus help with teething discomfort.

❤️ Safe Introduction of Solid Foods: The feeding pacifier is an ideal way to introduce solids to the baby. The silicone pacifier pocket is strong and flexible. It has small 2mm holes that allow very small digestible pieces to pass through for safe feeding. You can put fruits, vegetables, meat, fish or frozen pieces of breast milk. The feeding pacifier can be disassembled piece by piece for easy washing and is safe for boiling.

❤️ Complete Set: Dibidibidi Silicone LED Baby Feeder Complete Set of 10 pieces available in 2 colors (sky blue, pinkish beige) includes: 1x divided plate with a crab-shaped suction cup; 1x bowl with suction cup and raised lip; 1x cup: 1x drink lid; 1x straw; 1x snack lid; 1x spoon with wooden handle; 1x fork with wooden handle; 1x adjustable bib with small crab print; 1x feeding pacifier.

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